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Desktop Applications

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Desktop Applications

Clock Screensavers  

White Flower Clock screensaver Free Clock screensaver brings magical time and date on the natural flower.

Stardock Object Desktop - Theme Manager  is a front end that seamlessly works with your other desktop enhancements to apply skins, themes, icon packages, and suites all from the same user interface. Once you have your desktop just the way you want, you can take a snapshot of your desktop that is saved as a .suite file.

Transparent Window Manager  This program helps you to manage your windows settings. You may set transparency of any window required. You may place any window to the top of others. Moreover you may disable input for any window.

Earthquake Monitor It keeps you up to the minute with the recent earthquakes

Gudds Desktop Do you get bored by seeing the same Desktop wallpaper each time you logon to WINDOWS™? Have you ever thought of having a tool that could change it for you? Well, Gudds Desktop is the answer. It will just sit in the system tray (next to the clock) and do its job.

Office Toys Finished working? ...
Need a stress reliever? ...
Or simply taking a break?
Check out our fun desktop toys

Traymark is a useful utility that allows you to add bookmarks to web pages and programs to a right-click menu in your system tray.

WWFDesktop Homepage  is a small program that allows you to change your computer's boring wallpaper (the background image on your desktop) and turn it into a collection of the WWF's best shots. It also includes a built-in screensaver, calendar and memo pad.

ENewsBar a scrolling news ticker for your desktop

Rainy's Calendar

Desktop Wallpaper Changer - Freeware! is a wallpaper changer and manager. It will automatically change your wallpaper depending on a number of settings.

Amalgam - Just Pictures ~ Screen Saver

ArtDesk Imagine your computer's desktop being a window to the world, a window to art and to the limits of other's imaginations

BigTime Screen Saver

Frix QuickRes  It is designed to take as little effort as possible to change resolution, a doubleclick on the icon in systray will shift between your two preferred resolutions.

Wallpaperer is a powerful utility for automatically switching wallpaper at a specified interval and/or at reboot. Just add your wallpaper, set the frequency of wallpaper changing, and let Wallpaperer do the rest.

Liquid Desktop Awesome 3D liquid melting takes over a screen shot of your desktop. This screen saver liquefies your desktop by running waves through it while simultaneously tweaking the color intensity of each ripple, resulting in a mesmerizing and soothing feeling. Use the chrome effects to render a metallic mirror surface.

Norway's Fjords & Scenery

LaunchMate  is the program launcher that will end your search. It can dock to any edge of the screen just like the Windows taskbar. You can organize your programs in up to 50 categories a sure a way to remove the clutter.

BioniX Wallpaper - an wallpaper cycler. Changes your desktop image, picture.

Deskroller Screensaver is a screensaver that scrolls your desktop in random direction.You can specify the speed of motion.

Free Atom Clock screen saver by Know exact time at any time with this beautiful screensaver!

MoodBook. Bring art to your desktop! is a tiny Windows utility that brings art to your desktop and sets a tone for your daily mood and emotions! MoodBook runs on every Windows platform of 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP

Paper Change -  is a small application for changing the background wallpaper on the windows desktop from a random selection of JPEG images within a specified folder

Snowflake 3D Grab the best snowflake screen saver on the web. Both large and small snowflakes are drawn in 3D which create a beautiful snow image you will have to see to believe. Options include changing the background color, the number of snowflakes active, the speed at which they fall, and much more. Resolution switching, passwords, and mouse filtering are fully supported.

 Windowpaper XP Information Do you like to customize your desktop with wallpaper? Why stop there? With Windowspaper XP, you can put wallpaper in the back of any window—just like your desktop. That's why we call it Windowpaper, because "it makes a better door than your window." ™

Matrix Screen Locker is a system tray application that allows for quick and secure PC lock when you wish.

Desktop Calendar SolCalendar Desktop calendar/organiser
Reminder: music/message alert. You can even set an event to be alart.
Application Scheduler: schedule an application to run at certain time.
Customizable desktop wallpaper interfaces (text color, background color/image, frame, etc.)
Customizable wallpaper themes, install themes downloaded from internet.
International language support

Google Deskbar Google Deskbar enables you to search with Google from any application without lifting your fingers from the keyboard. Installs easily in your Windows taskbar.

Goat 1000 - JPEG Saver screen saver It's a Windows screen saver for displaying images with a few options that make it a bit more interesting.

Advanced Office Tools Pack && Lines 2003 && Work Desktop Icons is a collection of tools for Microsoft Office for Windows. These tools are designed to economize time, make your job easier and enable you to perform actions that might otherwise be impossible, and also to learn new characteristics and properties of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Agent.

NuonSoft Wallpaper Cycler - is an easy to use freeware program to get rid of that boring static wallpaper on your desktop. It allows you to easily manage all your wallpapers through the use of categories and cycle them with a specified delay or at specific times or both. Wallpaper Cycler includes an advanced random choice algorithm, can be started at Windows logon, can be configured to change the wallpaper once at Windows logon, and much more.

AlphaXP  is more than just a transparency program though. With cool features you won't find anywhere else such as three fully configurable ways to set transparency, smooth fade effects, menu, tooltip, and taskbar transparency with a smooth fade in option, flicker-free & glitch-free extras, a great looking skin, and more!

Clint's Wallpaper Master

Changes your desktop wallpaper periodically.

DeskPaint  is a freeware application that allows you to draw on the Windows desktop, such as when teaching or demonstrating computer software on a projected computer screen.

Dexpot - The utility for virtual desktops  increases the area of your screen by up to 20 times. It creates several Virtual Desktops to work easier and faster with many open windows on Windows 95/98/ME and NT4/2000/XP.

EscapeClose is an absolutely free tiny utility, allowing you to close the active window by pressing the Esc button. Or, to work more carefully, it can position the mouse cursor in the upper right-hand corner of the active window, where the Close button is located. It is especially useful when you are working with dozens of files and folders at once. It has two working modes, stays in the system tray, can automatically run at Windows startup.
Using this program, you will make fewer movements, which will increase the productivity of your work.

ADV Digital Explorer Bar XP is a new application that lets you personalize the background of Windows Explorer to any bitmap file you want. Even if you have users set up on your computer, it will only change the background of the user that is logged on. This program also has the ability to change the background picture of Windows XP folders, allowing you to customize your PC like never before!

Backdrop Selector A simple command line program (with documentation) to choose a random backdrop from a number of images for your Windows desktop.

Dcat's Windows Programs - Dcat Screen Saver  is a screen saver which allows you to use your own images and audio. Version 1.41 supports MP3 files and Wave audio files. You can create a list of your own transitions from the 81 available transitional effects. Images and the Transition effects can be shown in alphabetical order, list order, your own list order and your own list randomly or with no transitions at all. The screen saver can be set to cover the full desktop or run in a window. The Screen Saver has the ability to shut down/restart the computer or log off the current user. The screen saver can be sent to the Traybar when not required. The last image displayed can be set as the wallpaper. The Audio capability has been greatly enhanced with several ways to manipulate the Audio for best effect.

Desktop Sidebar  The aim of Desktop Sidebar is provide you with instant access to some of your most important daily information.

Winpix for windows desktop, digital photos and movies, digital camera, slide show, screen saver, wallpaper rotations, BMP, GIF,

Helpfile - Desktop Mascot 2.0.0 The most important thing to Desktop Mascot is the right mouse button. Everything works through the use of this. If you right click, the Desktop Mascot, you'll find a menu with 7 options

!conMania !conMania's Mission:
" provide users with the highest quality icons and animated cursors, all for free."

Quick Menu This is a small screen capture program with no options, or anything. It was designed to be small and easy to use.

Cuckoo  I think you've all seen one of this old wood clocks with a small bird coming out when it rings: A cuckoo. You can now have one of these strange bird at home, on your computer, as screen saver.

Microangelo the Grand Daddy of All Icon Software Here you can download free accessories that we hope you'll enjoy.
We continue to compile collections of desktop themes, icons and cursors to brighten your desktop. Have fun customizing your own system!

WinRoll 1.2.1 easily manages the height of windows. Right click the title bar of a window to minimize its height, leaving only the title bar visible. Another right click to the same area restores the original height. The same effect can be obtained by right clicking either the minimize or the maximize button. You may also choose to "rollup" or "unroll" all visible windows from the tray icon application which is written in 100% pure assembly language. Best of all ... it's FREEWARE! ...

ClickZap allows you to run a predefined action when you right click two or three times at your current mouse double-click speed. There is no faster way to lock your computer when screen security is needed quickly.

Background Changer  is an freeware program from Mikael Isacson Lindström Software. It changers your Windows 95/98/2000/NT Wallpaper as often as you like. It's all free, but you will have to register it thoug in order to use it for an longer period of time ( more than 30 days ), so register your copy of the program today! So, how to register... well it's easy! Just send me an E-mail with your name, an were you're from (Also give me your E-mail, if other than the one you are writing to me from.)

Icoholic3  Hundreds of Icons and clipart.

PhotoSaver  Use any directory on your hard drive as a slideshow screensaver (Installs as a screensaver - use the screensaver settings to select the directory and options).  (Now fully XP compatible).

sqlDESKTOP an office productivity product for Linux and Windows can organize
the mountain of disparate information you regularly access !

MonitorsDirect PixelSharp  If you want a crisp sharp image from your LCD monitor you have to run the monitor in its "native resolution." This isn't a setting on your monitor but instead is controlled by your operating system. The MonitorsDirect PixelSharp™ tool automatically sets your Windows operating system to make your LCD monitor look its best.

DeskDeco Fill your life with colour!
Once you set up DeskDeco, let it automatically change your desktop wallpaper.

Smart Corner  Often when we are consulting, we find ourselves working in less than private situations. We needed a tool to discretely turn on our screensaver, in order to hide our work from inquisitive eyes. That's why we developed Smart Corner. Simply move your mouse to the corner of the screen, wait the user defined number of seconds, and the screen saver will start.

Window Hider Why do I need the DVD console when, all the features of the application are available by right clicking the view window? Do the developers think I have an infinite amount of desktop space or patience? This simple utility hides (or unhides) those unsightly control panels or console windows of background tasks! Just drag the icon over a window and click hide! Its that simple!

Brain Bar  is a complete toolbar skinning solution for windows 95, 98 & ME, equipped
with a internet browser accelerator & configurable email skin sharing ability.
In brain bar you can click on the picture of brain & it will bring up the configuration screen shown below. This is the only configuration information that Brain Bar requires.

WipeOut is an application which moves obstructive windows to show you your desktop.

WindowPinner This utility allows you to "pin" a window to the top of all other windows.
The idea for this tool arose when I had to do a documentation for some program. Instead of repeatedly switching from one window to the other I thought it helpful to have my word processor staying in front of the other one...

 VB Doodle Use this program to draw all over your computer screen.

Modest Crow's UniqueDisplay Page WinXP does a terrific job of saving individual settings like wallpaper, colors, etc. Unfortunately, if you change your monitor resolution, it gets changed for everyone. Not cool. This program takes care of WinXP’s shortcomings, allowing each user to have their own desktop resolution. Works fine with multi-monitors and fast user switching.

SidebarXP  Aim of Desktop Sidebar is provide the user with instance access to some of their most important daily information.
Desktop Sidebar is docked to the edge of the screen and displays not only your appointments, tasks and e-mails but also shows other useful information such as news downloaded from the Internet.

Avalon Icon Library Viewer Quick and easy access to icons located inside Icon library files. Browse icons, located inside exe, dll, ocx, cpl, icl, il and nil files. Support for both 16- and 32- bit versions of icon library modules. Extract icons to ico file or save each of images as a bitmap file with specified background. Copy each of images to the Windows clipboard.

The Nostalgic Screensaver No, not Nostalgic as in an old screensaver, Nostalgic as in when you use this screensaver you will feel nostalgic because this screensaver shows your images in a way similar to how many documentaries and biographies show still images from a history or a person's past

Atmosphere Relaxing Sound Effects Software If you like to relax to the calming sounds of nature then Atmosphere is just what you need.
Relax to an unlimited combination of soundscapes while you work or sit back in your chair.

Folder Style - Customize icons for each single folder.

Hide any program windows by using a hotkey or via an icon in your tray

Aussie Theme  Includes wallpaper, icons, didgeridoo wavs,
kangaroo & boomerang cursors, startup and shutdown screens.

Desktop Writer The Desktop Writer is a simple program that will write
text directly on the Desktop. You can choose text color,
background color, font face and size.

Drivo  is a Simple tool which has the ability to change folder as well as drives icons.
It has got a additional feature of Hiding the Drives.

Onefog Games - DesktopShooter Your desktop becomes your playground with DesktopShooter.
Shoot your e-mail, shoot up your icons. But don’t worry, the desktop distortion is only temporary; press a key and it’s all cleaned up. Different digital distractions bring instant excitement to your computer!

Ozq's Icons

Ozq's Startup and Shutdown Screens

Save My Desktop Have you ever got your Shortcuts Icons on your Desktop just the way you want them when someone comes along and messes them all up? This program save your Desktop's Icons current postion. When your icons get rearranged just run the program to restore the icons back to their original postions. ***NOTE*** This program does not restore Icons that has been deleted or moved to a different folder.

ScreenSizer A neat utility that combines the feature of changing your screen resolution along with the ability to change the size of a given window.

Aligner -- You can do more than just center or tile your wallpaper! Aligner can move it anywhere on the desktop. You even see a preview of what your desktop will look like.

Babya System   is free desktop shell replacement-you can use it in place of explorer.exe or in Windows. What can you do with it? Surf the Net Copy files Access the Windows fonts folder Type notes, documents(with Babya Office) and reminders Launch a variety of different applications Access a help system Customize the launcher and main window Includes a MP3 Player and also a standalone launcher.

BossKey is a simple virtual desktop program. Create hot-keys to switch between the desktops and have one set of windows/applications on one and a different set of windows/applications on another and flip between them instantly with a single keypress. Up to 10 virtual desktops can be defined and windows can be designated always visible.

Leo's Icon Archive - 7000+ free icons & graphics, caps, comics, buttons, bars,...

Relaxing Audio Atmosphere allows to create many different relaxing ambient soundscapes to suit your mood. You may choose from a selection of presets that include Woodland, Thunderstorm, Fireside, Country lane, Rainy Day, Tropical, Beach and many others. Alternatively you may customize your own sound and save it for later listening. You may change the color of the interface to suit and we've even included an alarm clock just incase you drift off!

ResolutionChanger allows you to change your desktop width, height, color depth, and refresh rate temporarily or permanently (via command line switches). You can have ResolutionChanger run another application in a specific display resolution and return to the previous resolution when the application finishes. The command lines switches let you alter only certain dimensions and choose the best refresh rate (or a specific one).

WinCust  is a program that allows you to make modifications or "tweaks" to your personal computer. At the moment, it only works on Windows 95/98.

alive  Screen Saver. Maps on a screen short phrases. The phrases can be changed. That happens: a screen Smoothly darkens. Then - casual filling. The phrase remains black. And so on. - Countries - Scotland Pics of Scotland.

Hide Your Desktop IconHider is a simple tool to hide or show your Desktop icons and taskbar. You toggle the elements on and off with a simple keystroke.

Screen Saver On-Demand Milori TraySaver is a small program that allows you to turn your screen saver on at anytime. If you are about to step away from your desk, don't leave your screen saver to chance (or to a timer), turn it on immediately to protect your computer from prying eyes.

Screen Saver Toggle Block your screen saver (toggle it off while defragging, etc., then toggle it back on). Don't be fooled by the installer size; the program is only ~50K after installation.

 AnyImage SS  you can display any type of image for your desktop enjoyment. AnyImage supports JPG, BMP, EMF, WMF and ICO formats. Just copy anyimage.scr into your Windows directory and store your images in a directory on your computer. Next configure AnyImage to point to your images directory. It is as simple as that!

Iconoid - Hide and show desktop icons, make transparent backgrounds

SaverWiz allows you to create self-contained Windows screen savers using your own pictures in just a few easy steps.
Accepts pictures in a number of formats.
Resize or rotate your screen saver pictures.
Add captions to each picture.
Add transition effects.
Test and install your screen saver directly using SaverWiz.

Xplash Screen 2.0.0 is a splash screen program that will make your windows XP looks better and nicer, especially if you match it with the right visual style.

Dutch's Wallpaper Changer Here is a cool Windows Wallpaper Changer! Program changes the wallpaper of your desktop daily according to setup that you specify for each weekday. It Works with JPG/GIF, and HTML files without BMP conversion.

FreeShade Window shading is when you double-click on a window's caption and the window rolls itself up so that only its caption (or title bar) is visible.

Icon Restore adds two new options to the pop up menu that opens when any Windows system icon (ex. My Computer) is right clicked. These options are "Save Desktop Icon Layout" and "Restore Desktop Icon Layout".

 TurboTop You're probably familiar with the "Always on Top" feature of some programs. This allows their window to "float" above other windows even when it doesn't have the focus. This can be extremely useful. Unfortunately, not many programs implement this feature. TurboTop is designed to remedy that problem!

allSnap make all windows snap together is a small system tray app that makes all top level windows snap like they do in programs such as Winamp or Photoshop. Easily change to predefined folders in the Windows file Explorer and in 'Open' & 'Save' dialogs with hotkeys or thru a browseable list. Pathbuddy gives you quick access to frequently used folders.

Title Bar Reader - Read jokes, lyrics, dictionaries, famous quotes, poems, proverbs, and witty quips in your title bar. is a freeware that can subtly display texts in the title bar of your foreground active window. There are ample short texts that come with the program by default: these include quotes, proverbs, one-liners, redundancies, dumb questions, insulting words and more. You can easily edit existing files and add or remove information. The program is very useful when you want to give your mind a rest in-between tedious work.

 ShowMyDT Emulates the "Show Desktop" function of Windows 9x for
Windows 95 and NT users. Puts an icon in the System Tray
so that one click minimizes all windows, and a subsequent
click restores them all again to their previous state.

7art-screensavers - the harmony at your desktop

AutoSizer - Resize your programs automatically  automatically resizes any window you specify. For instance, some web browsers open up in a non-maximized window. Using AutoSizer, you can set those windows to automatically maximize every time they’re opened. It works with almost any program, including web browsers.

Calendar for Windows is a small utility that will display a monthly calendar on the Windows desktop. The calendar is similar to the one found in most checkbooks.

Desktop Calendar - A simple calendar that sits on your desktop The desktop calendar is a great tool & its very very convenient. I use a planner but since I found this I do not use that because The Desktop Calendar is always in front of me.

DesktopFreak  A FREE utility that lets you change you desktop theme, as
well as change your wallpaper, screen saver, icons, pointers,
sounds and logo screens manually!

Rainbow Folders Rainbow Folders (RF) is an easy to use program, which allows you to change color of the icon representing chosen folder to any color you like. What for ? Mainly to boost yours computer usage speed & skills.

WallFreak  A FREE,simple-to-use Desktop Wallpaper/Theme Changer.
Pick the images/themes you want to display, tell WallFreak
how often to change, and it does it for you automatically!

DesktopGeek  is desktop program shortcut manager for windows based personal computers.
It can manage and run easily and quickly program shortcuts on the desktop screen.

Tool for changing the Windows XP Logon Screen Saver

Wallpaper Changer Here is a cool Windows Wallpaper Changer! Program changes the wallpaper of your desktop daily according to setup that you specify for each weekday. It Works with JPG/GIF, and HTML files without BMP conversion.

Wallpaper Changer  

Webshots Desktop - Add color to your day!

Hide Me Have you ever been doing something on the computer you shouldn't have when someone walks in on you? Do you wish you had a program that hides the applications from view? This program hides open windows with a copy of your Desktop!!

WBC2JPG wbc-wbz file extractor Do you need to convert Webshots images into their original JPG format?
Then the tool you need is WBC2JPG v2.31 for Windows, that is able to extract ALL JPG images from WBC (Webshots collections) files. After some requests, I reverse-engineered Webshots to be able to decrypt images contained into WBC files. This little utility is totally freeware.

 WindowSize  You want to test how your program or web site looks on a screen with lower resolution than your's?
You can change your screen's resolution of course.
But it is probably more convenient just to resize your program's or browser's window to the desired width and height. All you have to do is to select the desired size and then click on the big button. The next window that becomes the forground window (by clicking on that window or it's taskbar button) will be resized.

Desk Saver  features a versatile picture sequencer which will display images of your own choice (.bmp, .gif and .jpg file types supported). These can be made to appear in attractive frames (seven designs provided), against either a plain or image derived background. There is also a customizable clock (with date) and a useful reminder note facility.

Desktop Manager  is a virtual desktop program and Windows shell. A virtual desktop program gives you more work space, you use a control of some kind and you switch to another virtual screen where you can run different applications. So, instead of hunting for windows behind other windows on one cramped screen you can keep them separate and switch to them when you need to work with them. A Windows shell is what you see on the desktop, the interface for interacting with the system, it includes the icons, folders, the taskbar, etc.

FreeSnap Ever try to size a window so it just touches the edge of the screen? It's tedious (at least for me). FreeSnap allows you to instantly size any window edge to the corresponding screen edge. Want that window to touch the right edge of the screen? Press and hold the windows key and press the right arrow. It's just that simple. The number-pad keys work as well, regardless of the NumLock state.

Reso Make a shortcut to run an app at your favorite resolution

Wallpaper Manager Bored with the same desktop wallpaper every time you switch on your PC - but too busy to select something new? Help is at hand! Wallpaper Manager has an Autochanger which you can load with up to ten picture files. These will then be rotated to give you a different background each time you start your PC. There are also Hot Buttons which enable you to quickly preview, or change, your wallpaper.

 MinMaxExtender is a utility that enhances the standard windows, adding new buttons next to the Minimize button in the titlebar. Using the buttons, the user can stretch the window across the screen, hide it to a trayicon, hide all of the window apart from the titlebar or make the window stay on top of others. The user can exclude some windowtypes from beeing extended and choose which buttons to be visible.

Doughnut  -Doughnut is a small program which lives in your system tray (aka the Notification Area, ie those icons on your Start bar). When Doughnut 0.7 is running, you have 3 excellent new mouse functions.........

H9kTimer, the FREE worldclock that can show localtime, beats, time since your computer was started, any timezone. Down Show up to 16 different clocks.
Window will auto snap to edge of desktop.
All clocks can be customized

Keep your time synchronized with Atomic Time servers, using customizable digital desktop clock.

Master Volume Master Volume is our Free replacement volume control for Windows(9x,NT,2000).

Blue Cat's Graphics - Original Cat and Non-Cat Stuff

Cat Icons  

Endless Journey Every theme includes wallpaper, matching color scheme, icons (also for opened and closed folders, sometimes icons for Internet Explorer), animated cursors, sounds in WAV format, startup/wait/shutdown logos and web views.

HideOE Ever wanted the ability to hide Outlook Express or to minimize it to the sytem tray?
Now you can! Outlook Express Hider creates a Tray Icon, and allows you to show and hide Outlook Express by clicking the icon. It can also be set to hide Outlook Express when you minimize it.

Meoooow! Cat Themes

NeonJax 3D -  6-Dimensional Color-shifting Plasma Background

Toolbar provides a way to add a customized floating toolbar to any application. When a button is pressed a pre-defined sequence of keystrokes is sent to the desired window. All options for the buttons and what they do may be altered within the configuration file

Clay's Christian Wallpapers

DeskSweeper  Hide all desktop icons (including Recycle Bin, My Computer, Network Neighbourhood, etc.) DeskSweeper is always visible in the Windows system tray for easy access. A single mouseclick is all you need to hide or view your desktop icons. This version includes several new options and features. Freeware.

Verschwindibus -  is a powerful and free desktop tool. It hides any running window (the hidden program remains in memory) and reactivates it if needed. The hotkeys and system tray icon are customizable and start menu & desktop icons can be toggled visible/invisible. Verschwindibus can easily be controlled through the system tray and has received high ratings

Hide-it's  Hide-it allows you to hide any application window and it's button in the taskbar, the application is also removed from the Alt-Tab chain, so it won't disturb your task switching, it's just as if it wasn't there. You can later access it's window un-hiding it, you just need to right-click in the small Hide-it's icon in the system tray area and select it.

Kristine's Legendary Themes

SilverThingy Make your desktop more efficient and productive!
This FREE SuperTool is a cool little Desktop Organizer that consolidates all your frequently used applications into a single dedicated Web development environment.

 TrayBar  You can add programs, folders, etc. You can also create sub menus in wich you can place even more programs, folders and separators.
You can also specify how you want programs launched: minimized, hidden, maximized, or in a normal state.
Besides programs you can also add e-mail contacts to send an e-mail in no-time!
Traybar is 100% Spyware free and is NOT ad-supported, so give it a try.

 Wallpaper Calendar Changer. By default the program starts at each start-up of the computer, checks the current date, and if necessary, refreshes a wallpaper with calendar of the current month with highlighted todays date automatically. However, that can be disabled by un checking "Run at start-up..." option.

3D Clock Screensaver  This program does not make any changes to the Registry,
its configuration file 3DClock.ini is stored in C:\Windows directory.
This means, you can delete 3D Clock Screensaver at any time without
bringing a harm to your computer.
It is a real - time clock, sliding across the screen, displayed as three - dimensional figures.It has an ability to change its appearance. This version includes five different skins. In theory, a number of various skins can be extended infinitely.
This program can be run under Windows 95 or 98. I have no idea
about Windows NT, ME, 2000, XP, ABCD but, I guess, it should too.

Cycler A very small application which automatically changes your desktop wallpaper every time the computer is booted, or logged on. Cycler has a very tiny memory footprint, and is only resident for an instant - it doesn't hog memory or sit in your system tray.

Desk Projection Desk Projection is a freeware program inspired by Ghost-IT!, that gives you the ability to project a transparent image on top of your desktop. You need to have Windows 2000 or Windows XP installed to use this app.

-Desktop Pulse- is a freeware utility which can automatically download .jpg and .gif images and put them onto your desktop as wallpaper. You can setup as many pictures as you want. Choose the frequency of update, change the sequnce of the pictures. Using Desktop Pulse, you can constanly monitor stock exhange graphs, monitor any pictures (like webcams) or simply put nice wallpapers onto your desktop every minute!

GTRipple 1.3.   ripples your desktop wallpaper making water pictures come alive.
You can even put a lake into a picture that has no water by using the mirror option!!

 Another Lens displays a magnified view of the area of the mouse cursor. Quite handy, for example, for drawing software. The window contents can be locked, and saved to a file or copied to the clipboard for taking screenshots. Several additional options, like crosshairs, resizing the window and hiding the caption bar and/or main menu. Stays on top of other windows optionally

DesktopFrames allows you to place bitmap, gif, and jpg images randomly around your desktop. Each picture (or 'frame') can have an action associated with it. It handles gif transparency very nicely. This was made with LiteStep users in mind (since it essentially allows something similar to active desktop) but anyone can use it!

PrintDeskTop  lets you print your screen with the click of a mouse or the shortcut key of your choice.

QTbar (Quick Toolbar) - and everything just one click away...

Wallpapers showing EARTH-MOON in real-time

 Desk Projection Desk Projection is a freeware program inspired by Ghost-IT!, that gives you the ability to project a transparent image on top of your desktop. You need to have Windows 2000 or Windows XP installed to use this app.

Magical Animal Themes

Sound Association A noisy computer is a good computer! Put your .wav files to good use and assign them to all of your most-used programs with this free utility. Sound Association (formerly Souser-Sound Association) lets you easily assign sound events to any Windows executable file. For instance, you can have a specific .wav file play when you open Word, another when you fire up Notepad, and still another when you launch your Web browser. Besides "Open" sound events, you can add hooks for Close, Maximize, Minimize, Restore Up, Restore Down, and more. Just type in the program's "friendly" name, browse for its .exe, and check off the sound hooks you want to add. Then, push a button to go directly to the Control Panel Sounds area to assign .wav files to your sound events.

Shortcut manager Shortcut manager allows you to run your programs quickly. Just click the program name in the listview and run your favourite application. Very simple and very small.

Aligner -- Perpetual Motion Software You can do more than just center or tile your wallpaper! Aligner can move it anywhere on the desktop. You even see a preview of what your desktop will look like.

Free Animated 3d Clocks software For Your Windows Desktop!

Ghost-It! Ghost-It! is a program that runs in the system tray, and lets you turn windows into "ghost" windows.
Ghost windows are very special windows. First of all, a ghost window is translucent, meaning you can see through it to whatever is underneath. Secondly, a ghost window will always appear on top of other windows. Thirdly, when a ghost window loses the input focus, it remains translucent and always on top, but all clicks will pass right through it like it wasn't even there—until it becomes the active window again.

Suzi's Stuff Recycle bin icons

Tumi Cursor PowerPack Tumi Cursor Series has been by far regarded as the most popular and innovative cursor sets to ever hit Windows-based computers worldwide. The sets are highly acclaimed by numerous publications, websites, and journals in addition to being professionally reviewed and ranked as the highest of its class by industry professionals and consumers alike. Due to popular demand, Pankaj Arora Software's Tumi Cursor PowerPack is a re-release of your favorite Tumi Series cursor sets, designed for all versions of Microsoft Windows (Windows 95 and above).

Kana WallChanger is a program that can be used to automatically change your desktop wallpaper. It accepts BMP and JPG files, and can be setup to change the wallpaper within specified time. It can also be used to change display setting from the menu, which popup from system tray.

SP Shell icons  Nice program which will change Windows icons to it's own. Also you'll be able to assign your own icons to specified ext.

XP Skins  is another free software from CronoSoft !!!
As the new operating system from Microsoft is here (Windows XP) and not all the older programs can take advantage of the new features of skinable option, we thought that a program who can change with one click this problem will be very useful for you.

FastOpen - Your personal Start menu Manager FastOpen is a FREE ZDNet 5 stars awarded system tray utility that provides a handy way to access frequently used programs and folders.

3D Matrix Clock  3D Matrix Clock is a freeware screensaver by Winsquad. Inspired by the "Matrix" movie, this futuristic screensaver presents an original 3d hand clock on a colourful and futuristic background. Choose between the 'classic' and the 'alternative' look , featuring numbers and zodiac symbols respectively.

EdenSoft My Logo  You can change the little logo in the upper right-hand corner of your browser to the animation or image of your choice. You can even play movies while waiting for Web pages to load!!
You can change the text that appears in the title bar after the Web page title to the text of your choice,
You can play a sound of your choice when a Web page is completely loaded.
You can select a Web Page to load when you double-click on the logo - sort of a "second home".

ClearTweak ClearTweak allows you to change the contrast setting of the ClearType setting for Windows XP.

Wallpaper Changer  Wallpaper Changer is a FREEWARE Windows 9x/NT wallpaper manager that can change your background images on every startup, once a day or at regular intervals. It features JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP support. Several options are provided, including the ability to change your images in random order.

FASTUSE  FastUse Version 3 will give you fast access to the 120 programs most often used, just by moving the pointer of your mouse over a small icon located in the system-tray.
The system-tray is the small area, generally located at the bottom right part of your screen, where the clock usually run.
FastUse will also provide a screen capture program, a scratch pad, a telephone directory and a post-it.
Freeware; Windows 95/98/2000/XP/NT; English

Quick ShutDown, the instant shutdown utility

WallsMedia Flash Entertainment Product This is a revolutionary  program which allows you to set Macromedia Flash (*.swf) files as your wallpaper on the Windows desktop. You can set to change wallpapers in random sequence, change them after the program starts, or after a time delay.

Greatis Calendar Greatis Art Print Calendar for 2002.
You may download it and print by your printer. 
Choose American date style or European date style

Virtual Control Panel is a graphical alternative to Windows' default Control Panel. It displays an image of a computer on a desk with several hot spots that, when clicked, will launch the appropriate Control Panel application. Virtual Control Panel supports many, but not all, Control Panel applications and will not overwrite the existing Control Panel. 


Taskbar Wallpaper  You probably use wallpaper for your desktop background. Why not customize the background of your taskbar as well? That's the premise behind the free utility Taskbar Wallpaper. Instead of having a solid backdrop to your taskbar, choose any bmp file to spice things up a bit, or use the included wood grain texture. The effect is subtle but distinctive. New features include Wallpaper Preview, Auto Resize, Animation and Random Wallpaper.

Desktop RJL Software designs many free desktop programs for Windows 95/98/NT. They are suitable for everyone from the power user to the every-day user. 

Sound Shuffler Sound Shuffler randomizes all Windows event sounds, as well as Wallpapers and Screen Savers. It lets you pick all of your favorite WAVs, Wallpapers, and Screen Savers, and randomizes them automatically!

Clip On Boots - It's time to enjoy all those songs you've collected and the scenery to match. Clip On Boots provides you with the chance to retire those old WAV files at Startup and play some of your own songs, either a clip or the full track. As an added bonus, it will allow you to change that stale Wallpaper with your favorite pictures at every boot up.

DoubleDesktop double your screen space!

Quick-Tray Shutdown (FREE!)

StatBar is a freeware system status bar which allows you to quickly get an overview of your system's condition (memory, CPU, uptime, and much more).

MultiRes  (50kb) is a 32-bit alternative to QuickRes, which adds refresh rate and multi-monitor support, as well as optional timed confirmation prompts. The little utility supports Windows 9x/Me/NT4, as well as Windows 2000 and XP. 

Registry Explorer home page free software for windows is a freeware program that is intended to replace regedit. This free software is a system tool that puts itself into Windows Explorer. 

ResMan integrates a resource monitor, process manager and memory recovery into a single little utility (124 kb) for Windows 9x/Me that resides in the system tray. ResMan will require the Microsoft libraries in this 16kb archive if they aren't already installed in your system directory.

1st Impression  automatically replaces Windows startup and shut down logos each time your system restarts. 

BringWinTop is an application for manipulating windows . It can bring a window to top position so that the other windows can not block it even if those windows get the mouse click or called get focus. An example is when you are editing a document with some other document opened in an another window and needed refered to when editing. When you do editing , the reference document window will be covered by your edit window so that you can not see it. 

Free multiDesk is a virtual screens application that allows users to have multiple virtual screens on one monitor. It is like having multiple desktops. You can organize applications into different desktops. This way, your screen will not be cluttered with fifty six opened windows, and you will be able to find an application quickly. The next best thing to multiDesk is a shovel.

NoSleep!  allows you to temporarily deactivate the screen saver and any standby feature directly from the system tray. NoSleep! is minimal in size, yet it provides remote control capabilities, a full (un)installation routine and - as a bonus feature - Swatch Internet Time.

Activate Activate places an icon in your Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me system tray along side the clock and other taskbar programs. By double clicking the icon you can immediately start your current screen saver. By right button clicking the icon you can enable or disable screen saving, or run screen saver control panel. 

HelioBar Freeware utility, which will steal the desktop of any user. By means of HelioBar, You may assign any degree of transparency for System TaskBar. System TaskBar presents from itself band, which is usually located in lower part of desktop and contains the button "Start". Now, You may assign the picture for background of desktop, and will see its wholly. Only HelioBar will help You to use the space of your desktop to the full.

Rainbow Wallpaper Manipulator and Screen Saver

allows you to use more than one picture for wallpaper. It also includes screen saver, which displays the same pictures.

stick is a Windows utility you can use to quickly access multiple instances of the Internet Explorer browser without it getting in the way of your daily computer routine. Stick uses 'Screen Tabs' to contain your browser window. These tabs stick to one side of your screen and can be hidden such that only the tab shows. They can quickly be unhidden by clicking on the tab. 

XDESKSOFTWARE.COM - home of XDESK, SysTrayX and XFilesDialog! XDESKSOFTWARE is a small company that wants to provide you with the best productivity tools for your electronic desktop - and we already have a number of such programs 

VidiDrives version  VidiDrives is a small utility that helps the fast and easy access of any drive or folder of our windows system. It is a tray icon application that does a simple think... When it is right clicked, shows a menu of all the available drives and it's folders. Each Folder might have some extra icons (in this version only three) that give us some control over the folders.

BitmapEx version 2.2 BitmapEx version 2.2 is a free innovative program that allows you to select any Bitmap, Jpeg, or gif image on your system and apply it to the background of the toolbars of Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer, and Outlook Express. It does this without running any program in the background, and it is very easy to remove the image and restore the original toolbar. 

BossKey BossKey is a simple virtual desktop program. Create hot-keys to switch between the desktops and have one set of windows/applications on one and a different set of windows/applications on another and flip between them instantly with a single keypress. Up to 10 virtual desktops can be defined and windows can be designated always visible.

Sidebar A little toolbar that hides conveniently as a little button on the side of the screen. When clicked it comes out and shows shortcuts to some useful features of Windows. There's more advanced and customizable toolbars available now, like this, but it still is beautiful. Keep in mind this was created in 1997, and 4 years are a long time on the internet and when talking about software; kudos to LiON for being the first to develop a cool thing like this.

Dotico.Com cool icons for windows users 

PowerMenu Power Menu is a small app I wrote that adds "Always On Top", "Minimize To Tray", "Priority" and "Transparency" sub menus to all top level window menus..

SimpleMenu Homepage SimpleMenu is a little toolbar program that creates a menu along the top edge of the screen 
and is used to run programs, files etc.

QuickMenu Displays a tree like menu of customisable quick launch applications, projects and documents which can be organised into groups. It can also check your POP3 e-mail regularly and launch your default E-Mail reader when new mail arrives.

Sticky Note Organizer The Sticky Note Organizer helps you to remember and organize the little things that come and go throughout the day. With an easy to use interface and a pleasant design, the Sticky Note Organizer can be the answer to your office / desk problems. By placing your notes on your computer screen, it can help remove the clutter from your desk caused by too many paper notes.

Automatic Wallpaper changer AutoWall 2.0 is a freely redistributable utility, which can change the background wallpaper whenever you log to your computer. It is running on Windows 95/98 and Windows NT and can be downloaded here as a ZIP archive ! 
A beta version with JPEG support can be downloaded here. Install AutoWall 2.0 first, then copy the new AutoWall.cpl and AutoWall-jpeg.dll into the Windows\System directory to update the installation. 

Invisible! is a powerful utility that gives you control over the color of the text and its background of the icons in your computer desktop. Invisible! can make the background of these labels transparent or colored and can change icon text color. These are undocumented features of Windows 95/98 desktop settings. For this reason, you have to run Invisible! every time you start Windows. If you choose Autorun, Invisible! will automatically run on Windows start-up. If you do not like the colored block behind the icons of your desktop, Invisible! is for you.

Konst Hotbar is a program for speed up Your job. OrganizeYou favorites program into one folder for launch

Wtools32 It’s designed like program manager additional application for: 

• shows time 
• shows date 
• shows free RAM memory 
• shows CPU utilization 
• shows DialUp connection speed 
• shows available windows memory 
• shows ruuning tasks (task switcher) 
• stay on top ,configured position on screen 
• play multimedia files and AudioCDs 
• run applications 
• define your menu 
• view calendar with names and holidays 
• control Windows and computer (Shut Down, Reboot,Log Off user,...) 
• show applications windows and tasks 
(kill/change priority of process, hide/show/disable/terminate window,...) 
• shows installed fonts an preview it 
• when starting windows run applications 
• copy, rename, move, delete files and directories, ... 
• save your memos ... 
• small system info 
• more 300 user configured alarms (up to one year) 
• time limitation 
• change some hidden MS Windows settings 
• free up unused RAM memory 
• enable create hidden tasks ... 
• and many more.... 

Desktop Architect the best theme management software for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. Desktop Architect gives you the power to create and use themes to give your desktop a personal look and sound. Best of all, it's completely free!

TaskTamer Centralize program-launching and window/program manipulation. Organizes your existing taskbar much more efficiently. 
Taskbar-buttons are moved into graphical, easily recognized, single-button groups. From these buttons you can quickly and easily launch programs and manipulate multiple windows

TClockEx - Taskbar Clock Enhancer TClockEx enhances the standard Windows taskbar clock, adding the ability to display the date, time and lots of other information in any format you like. TClockEx is highly customizable, from the format to the font and colour, and even the tooltip information. Many people have wondered why this wasn't built into the standard clock to begin with.

WinLogo Changer A small tool to replace Startup/Wait/Shutdown screens manually or automatically

The Changer  Windows 95/98 Boot Screen Changer

Wall Wizard 2.0 from Primitive Itch  

Wall Wizard is a Windows program for managing desktop wallpaper

  • Minimizes to the system tray or runs as a one-shot wallpaper changer.
  • Changes Windows wallpaper with a single click.
  • Change wallpaper at a specified interval (from seconds to days).
  • Complete graphic interface and convenient menus.
  • Powerful image thumbnailer for browsing your images.
  • Great for organizing large numbers of wallpaper files.
  • Format wallpaper five different ways to fit the desktop.
  • Works with Active Desktop.
  • Use any of of the many supported image formats for wallpaper, including BMP, DIB, JPG, JIF, JPE, JPEG, PBM, PCX, PGM, PNG, PPM, RLE, TGA, TIF (no LZW), TIFF (no LZW), HTM, and HTML.
  • Tons of options.

DoubleDesktop Clever and simple freeware utility that instantly doubles the width of your Windows desktop. Download v2.0 for free and start using it today

Desktop Decorator Welcome to Desktop Decorator.  Where decorating your computer is easy, fun & FREE!!!

X-Eyes  A Windows-version of the mouse-following eyes that come with X-Windows 105 kb

Toolbar Wallpaper  

This program will change the dull Grey toolbar at the top of Windows Explorer, My Computer, Internet Explorer and Outlook Express to a bright 'Clouds' image. Update includes new user interface and shows the registered owner.  Free!

Hide'm I wrote this little program to have an easy way to clear the desktop clutter.
Its a small 15k .exe that I put in my application shortcut bar (Quick-launch)
I can easily Hide show my Desktop Icons, whether Active Desktop is activated or not.
After hiding or showing the Icons the program closes itself and is out of the way.

Windows PowerPro 

lets you take control of how you use Windows 95/98/NT/2000. Run commands and configure your system any way you want.

PowerPro gives you a compact and powerful launch bar, menu, and tray icon facility. But this is just the start. With a little experimenting with its configuration, you'll find that you can use PowerPro to change the way you work with your Windows system.

ePrompter 470 KB is a free email notification utility that automatically checks up to eight AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, and POP3 email accounts at the same time, featuring a unique screensaver that lets you know at a glance the current status of your selected email accounts, whether your computer is online or offline

Red Button 11kb Fast access to Control Panel. Fast start Screen Saver. Build-in Task Manager. Minimize All. Quick start of favourite programs. Fast restart/shutdown of computer with or without confirmation. The little red button sits anyware on your screen and or your system tray. This is the most helpful little utility that I Use!!!


The latest version is 1.5E! The Wonderful Icon is a small utility program that creates an icon on the taskbar tray of your Windows 95, Windows 98, or NT 4 computer. The program has a large list of unrelated features:

Assign hotkeys for common tasks (minimize windows, restart Windows, etc.)
Automatically change your system's sound-effect files every few minutes (or seconds)
Minimize programs onto the taskbar tray instead of just onto the taskbar
Configure a menu of easily-accessible commands
Increase or decrease speaker volume with the press of a button
Automatically run programs at start-up, and hide them, minimize
them to the taskbar tray, etc.
Lots more!

Now you can reboot and or shut down your computer with JUST ONE key on your keyboard!!!